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Good way to keep the mind distracted.

Not challenging

Not a bad game, but overall it is not challenging.


Love this game. Have played it to the last level four times. Please add more levels. Thanks


Love it

Not fun

When I want to play a game I go to the game folder. I only have this one and only game. I actually deny this game because it is so boring and I want to download a different game. But the thing is, my mom loves this game and I don’t want to delete it. Also I have so much storage, I can’t bye another one. So I am so so disappointed and I feel my phone is useless. So......yeah.

Too many ads

Love the game........not a fan of the ads!!

Fun game!

Interesting game of special relationships.

Sound controls broken

The game is fun, but I had to delete. The sound controls have no effect in-game. Outside of gameplay the sound setting aren't remembered by the app and to be reapplied when launching the app again. Most annoying: the ads bypass the sound settings and blare out despite having all sound turned off.

Simple elegant fun

Simple but deceptive solve with care


and it's a lot of fun so get it #youwontregretit

A good review

Good game


Make it harder


Very relaxing

Just ok

To many ads

Great concept.....

It's a great concept, but way too easy. I made it to level 100 in about 5 minutes. You need to add more blocks and colors to make it more difficult.


Love this game! Grear for quick play, definitely makes you think.


Feels just like pipes with a newer feel love it no complaints

Star link

Great game

Go play Flow Free Hexes instead

It's free with fewer ads, better levels, and in my opinion a better more clean design. This game isn't bad really, but there are games that are exactly the same but better for free.


Very easy and mindless. Good for passing time. Does seem to get a little more complicated as you progress in the game. I gave it 4✨ because it seems new and worth a try.

Fun, but adds, and sound too much.

The game itself is fun, but the game is pretty persistent with adds, or selling you add free gameplay. This wouldn't be so bad if the adds didn't play sound when the sound is turned off in the settings.



Kill the ads

Kill time kind of game but ads are too much



Love the game, but hate the ads!


Star link

It's good if you like the game Flow

Snooze fest.

I am on leave 78 and the game has yet to become even a little tiny bit challenging. Way too boring for me.

Horrible Ads!

The ads are super long, play after every level and still have sound even when you phone is set top silent and the volume is down all the way. The game itself is pretty fun and stimulating.

Very Zen

For a puzzle that requires you to think fast, this is surprisingly calming. Very melodic chimes-y kind of music and fluid visuals. Very Zen.


Ultra fantastic

5 star

Very addictive!



Fun and simple

Great pastime and it's simple so it's not too difficult to solve a puzzle


Such a fun puzzle game. Love it. Play it all the time


This is a game you will spend countless hours playing just to see what the next level looks like.

Great logic game

This game is great. I love playing the game, it's relaxing and fun to play.

Super fun!

Simple, addicting time passer.

Add riddled flow rip off

There's a timed add after every other completed level. The levels don't increase in difficulty and usually take under 10 seconds to complete. The mechanics are identical to flow, except the spaces visually disappear once used and are hexagonal. Did I mention that there's at least 2 adds plastered on every page. One plus: it's satisfying to mindlessly complete levels, but this gets old fast.

Relaxin fun!

Nice sounds and colors... I use it when im stressed.


Perfect game for when you're bored

Good evening Fun

Great fun after school or work.

Fun and Smart

The game is fun while still be able to exercise your brain with fast pace and simple controls. I have to say that I'm impressed of how mind bending it gets when you try difficult levels.

Great game

Awesome and Fun!

Awesome game love it.

Feel so great play it love ever :):):)

Simple yet fun

Its a refined version of Flow. The only thing I don't like is the constant interruptions to advertise other games.


The game gets kinda boring after 666 levels.

Interesting and thoughtful

Puzzle game that appears deceptively simple. As it quickly progresses the layouts become more complex yet solvable. Good for a quick game or a few minutes to blow


It's dedicatingg omg, I'm obsessed! I love ittt

Relaxing and entertaining!

Very relaxing and entertaining game! I can sit and play for hours!

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